Review: TwinsMatcher for iPhone & iPad

TwinsMatcher, developed by, is an addictive puzzle game. It is sorta like the popular game memory except you see where all the icons are and you have to use strategy to get points. The object of the game is to find two identical icons or “Twins” that are next to each other or have empty space between them. Just tap on them and they will disappear leaving more open space. The greater the gap of open space between the twins, the more points you will get.


If for some reason you get stuck you can shake your iDevice to mix  or shuffle the pieces around, but it will take some time. Pressing SHUFFLE or MIX is faster than shaking the device, but it will cost you 100 points. The object of the game is to obviously get the most points in the given amount of time. The main ways to earn points include completing the level fast and creating long paths. The time remaining turns into points.

TwinsMatcher uses virtual coins within the game. These coins let you buy new icon sets or buy time at the end of the game. You can earn coins by completing a level, sharing your score on social networks, and getting high scores.

You can get TwinsMatcher for FREE on the Apple App Store. It is a very fun and entertaining game that will keep you busy for hours trying to beat your high score or compete with your friends and family. I really like that it is a universal application. You only have to download one app for it to work on all your devices. Its fun to play on the go with your smaller devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch, but having a large screen like the iPad is always better!


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