Review: Twindocs – File your Docs

Twindocs – File your Docs is  a cloud service for sending, receiving and archiving your documents. This application is the only stapler in the cloud. Twindocs lets you staple and send lots of large files in a snap. This mobile application takes the desktop version of Twindocs on the go. With the built in camera, I can quickly take a picture of a document and store it in the cloud to reference later as well as staple it to other documents so that they are easy to reference.

Twindocs offers a FREE account for beginners. you get up to 5MB size for each document, and up to 300MB for Standard and Premium users. The Free account comes with 1GB and the ability to upload only 5 documents. of storage but if you want more you will have to upgrade.

Currently there is a bug with camera image files, but the developer has stated that a new version is in review to fix it. Also the just launched the app for international market after months of experience in Spain so you may notice not everything is fully translated yet. This will all be addressed soon.

Twindocs is a universal application meaning it will work on all of your idevices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is priced at the very low price of FREE so grab it on the Apple App Store today!

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