Review: Total Defense 3D

Total Defense 3D, developed by DaSuppa, is a “Tower Defense” based game in 3D. Instead of a flat map you can zoom in and out and move the camera around to see all of the action from different angles. I have been addicted to a few tower defense games in the past and this is now my favorite. It is very challenging and very fun. You have to use lots of strategy on the harder levels. Make sure to grab a copy of this while it is still FREE.

As you pass each of the 19 mission and progress through the game you will be able to develop skills with the skill points you earn. These skills include upgrading your weapons and base as well as the ability to earn more credits per kill. There are 24 skills in total and each of those can be upgraded to 3 levels.

This version of Total Defense is FREE, but if you want to unlock all planets you can pay $1.99. There are some people who want to be able to play all of the planets right away and this in app purchase allows you to do just that. Total Defense 3D is an amazing game. The graphics are excellent and most importantly the game play is top notch. Please be aware you will get addicted. Each mission has 3 levels of difficulty so you will always be challenged. Normal, Hard, and Hell.


Total Defense 3D is available on the iPhone / iPod Touch as well as the iPad. The only complaint I have is that they are 2 separate applications instead of a universal app. If your looking for the iPad version be sure to grab Total Defense 3D HD for iPad. They are both FREE applications on the Apple App Store.


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