Review: ToldU Football

Hey guys, today we are reviewing a fun new application called ToldU Football. Since the Superbowl is tomorrow, we thought that we should help you guys have even more fun than you’d already be having tomorrow! So how can we do that? By helping you rub it in your friend’s faces by flexing your football know how muscles. ToldU Football allows you to predict the next play during live football games and compete against your friends to see who knows more about their team.

Basically, how it works, is you log into the application by making a free account or by using Facebook, then going into the games list, then you select your “risk”, and then you select what you think the next play will be. If you are right, you get more points, after the game’s over, see how your friends did and earn ultimate bragging rights.

You can choose from a lot of various options for the next play, with options including, but definitely not limited to:

* Pass or Rush?
* Will they convert for a 1st down?
* Completion or incomplete?
* How many yards will he gain?

For a lot of people the only reason they watch the Super Bowl is the commercials. Now you can make the game a lot more interesting. So go ahead and download ToldU Football today, it’s available free for a limited time, and is a must have for tomorrow’s Giants vs. Patriots game.

Have fun!

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