Review: Thin Booth



The makers of FaceBooth and BigFatBooth, Toccata Technologies Inc, have just released their latest app called Thin Booth.

The app comes with 23 models to choose from so that you can see how to correctly line everything up to make it look just right. They even have Barack and Michelle Obama. Having the models is nice, but the main reason you are going to buy this app is to see what you and your friends look like with a thinner face.

Thin Booth lets you choose from your camera roll and photo library. You can also use the iPhone’s front and rear camera. Once you have a Thin Booth picture you can share it with others through SMS/MMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. Currently Thin Booth is the only iPhone application that can slim down a person’s face and produce very realistic results. You can slim a person’s face up to 22%.

Thin Booth is one of those entertaining apps that you and your family and friends will get a good laugh out of. It may also be beneficial for those that are overweight and out of shape to hop on the treadmill and start dropping the pounds to look like their Thin Booth picture. You can purchase Thin Booth on the App Store for $0.99.


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