Review: The Coupons App

Today I would like to share The Coupons App with you guys. This app is very cool and helps you save money on gas and other items by proving real time updates depending on where you are. It uses your GPS device in your iPhone to find out where you currently are, and then uses your location to show you nearby deals. Obviously everyone can make use of this app. Who doesn’t love saving money? This app already has over 1000 positive review with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is FREE on the iTunes App Store and is also available on Android.

Not only do you get local deals but The Coupons App also provides online deals as well. Some of the other cool features include a barcode scanner and price check, the ability to share coupons with friends, and a gas price checker. Personally I think that it is very handy that you can easily see what the cheapest gas price is wherever you are.

Remember whenever you are out just open up the coupons app and check to see if there is a coupon. If you find out, you can easily redeem it straight from your iPhone. Just show the coupon to the cashier. Pretty slick huh? Go and grab The Coupons App now! Its FREE!!

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