Review: Stone Wheel Bee Legend HD for iPad

Stone Wheel Bee Legend HD, developed by Dracoders, is a puzzle-platform, you are a stone and you must reach the Finish on each levels. The story is that you were a bee, the guardian bee, and a big bear stole the honey, so you went to the old Rock, he transform you in a rolling stone, and now you must find all the honey jars.

This application is FREE and includes 50 levels. There is an in-app purchase for $0.99 that will remove all of the ads and unlock 50 more levels. You move the wheel by pressing on the left or right of the screen. Your object it to get to the finish and collect the honey jar if possible. You can still pass the level without getting the honey jar, but in order to complete the game 100% you are going to want to collect all of the honey jars.

Overall for a FREE app this is a great little game. The graphics are great, the physics are well done, the music is tolerable and you have the the ability to shut it off, and the overall gameplay is very fun and challenging enough for people of all ages.

Stone Wheel Bee Legend HD is currently FREE and available on the Apple App Store. Check it out and download it onto your iPad today.

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