Review: Start Your Day Active with Healthy Alarm App

Are you missing all your appointments or interviews by sleeping extra time? Are you a deep sleeper and find it difficult to wake up in the morning? Wish to start your day active and fresh then healthy alarm is the right way to start your day in an active manner. Experience a new way of waking up in the morning with this healthy app that lights up a smile on your face. If you like to dodge the alarm by snoozing it, then there is no way that you can escape from the Healthy Alarm app. This healthy alarm aims at changing the way of waking up completely!

This alarm app requires you to perform various workout activities that are designed in the app to improve your working style. It is developed for the user to wake up healthy by doing a few exercises before switching it off. These exercises would be displayed on the screen of your phone and when you complete this set of workouts then the alarm will be off. These exercises are developed and selected in such a way that you can stretch all the muscles and joints in your body without sweating. This helps you warm up and take care of your health as soon as you wake up which is essential for a healthy lifestyle

healthy alarm app

Healthy Alarm is for those of you out there who wish to start their day with a jump start. This app is developed for those who have a tough time waking up in the morning.


Features of Healthy Alarm:


  • Modern version of the traditional alarm clock: This is the new facet of the regular alarm clock with advanced and innovative features. This sleep time buddy is a compulsive app that allows you to go to your workplace or attend important meetings at the right time!
  • Makes you to perform few exercises to turn the alarm off: Healthy alarm has a special and exciting feature that compels you to perform few exercises which are slighter in movements and do not cause you to break in a sweat. This workout will appear on the screen of your iPhone and will make you enjoy a warm up session to make the alarm silent.
  • Set multiple alarms: With this healthy alarm on your mobile phones, you can set multiple alarms for all tasks throughout the day. You can set up to five alarms for different times and it will remind you perfectly.
  • Repeat alarms on various days: This healthy alarm app is designed and developed to repeat alarm every day, alternate days or specific days depending upon your requirements. This will save you from the trouble of setting alarm each day. And the new version of the healthy alarm has done with the small Bug Fix.

Apart from waking up on time each day, this app lets you stay healthy and active throughout the day. Begin your day with a smile with your buddy, healthy alarm and look fresh all the each day


Download the app from the iTunes App Store today!



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