Review: Saving Santa! Fun Cheeky Father Christmas Game

Saving Santa! Fun Cheeky Father Christmas Game is exactly that, a Fun and Cheeky Game. You goal is to help Santa who is falling from the sky. Try to save as many Santas as possible. Once you miss one your game is over and your score is recorded of how many Santas you saved.

The game is pretty simple yet addicting and offers 2 modes of play, easy or hard. The game integrates with GameCenter so you can compete against friends and family to see who can get the highest score. Not only that, but you can also share your scores directly on Twitter and Facebook.

You will also notice that the background music is your favorite classic, Jingle Bells, and will enjoy using the app just for the tune. If for some reason you are annoyed with the music, there is no way to shut if off unless you lower or mute your volume.

Overall this game has been made to be a really funny, naughty & cheeky Santa game for Christmas. It was designed to give people a real surprise and shock some. WARNING THIS IS NOT A KIDS GAME. (It can be you should probably play it first to decide once you see the surprise). They  could make the game even more challenging if you tap the same Santa twice, he falls again. We will have to wait for the next update to see.

Saving Santa! Fun Cheeky Father Christmas Game is currently FREE in the Apple App Store. It is a universal game so you only have to download it once to get it on your iPhone and iPad. Check it out today and see what the surprise is.

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