Review: SalesVu – A Super Easy Way To Accept Credit Cards On The iPhone

SalesVu is a FREE application for the iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad that allows you to accept credit cards anywhere, as long as you are in the United States or Canada.

SalesVu’s pricing for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover is a flat rate of 2.7%. American Express is 2.89%. Rates for Canada vary based on the business. Every approved SalesVu member gets a free credit card reader, but if you need more than one you are going to have to fork over $99 for each additional credit card reader. You can also take manual charges at any time. Other fees you may encounter would be a monthly charge that varies depending on how much your total credit card charges are. The range is from $0-$20. This is still pretty cheap!

SalesVu’s largest competitor is Square. Square may be a brand that more people have heard of but SalesVu is quickly rising mainly due to the competitive advantages that they offer, especially in pricing! Check out the comparison chart:

Free Credit Card Reader
Swiped Transaction Rate (US) 2.7% * 2.75%
Manually Entered Transaction Rate (US) 2.7% * 3.5% + $0.15
Next Day Deposit 30 day hold on
manual transactions
over $1,000/week
App Features
Track cash, check, gift card, and credit card transactions
Email Receipts
Add Tip
Pre-Programmed Prices iPad Only
Multiple Open Orders
Multiple Tax Brackets
Pre-programmed Deals
Customer Lookup by name/phone/email
Update customer Facebook profile at time of deal redemption Features
Refund/adjust credit card transactions
Enterprise sales reporting
Manage categories, products/services, and prices for all mobile devices
Configure discounts/deals available on mobile devices
Post deals to business’ Facebook page
Post deals to and TownVu iPhone app

Note: * 2.7% rate applies to Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Amex rate is 2.89% for retail/services and 3.5% for restaurants.

The great thing about SalesVu is that you can manage your business in the Cloud. You can add your products, check inventory, and change prices, all in a matter of seconds. Some of the cool features include the ability to track all types of payments including cash, checks and obviously credit cards. You can email receipts directly to customers, post coupons on their Facebook walls. You also get detailed graphs and reports, but one of the best features is the ability to get next day payments. No more waiting to hit a certain sales number.

Overall I would have to say that SalesVu is Square on steroids. SalesVu offers more features and a better pricing strategy! If your looking to expand your business and have the ability to take payments from anywhere, then SalesVu is the service you need!

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  1. Bill Rychel says

    You did a nice job reviewing the ease of use and features, but not the application process nor the customer service. I own a small business and pursued SalesVu for my mobile payment company due to their rates and ratings. However, I found them to be a very difficult and inflexible company to deal with. The application process was tedious and the amount of personal and private information that SalesVu wanted was unreasonable. I wasted more than an entire day of my time filling out applications, attaching additional statements and requirements, and in the end, the sales rep was in a hurry to get off of the phone.
    The next morning my business partner and I went online and took less than a half hour to be completely set up and ready to go with Square Up. If your time is worth something, and you want to retain your personal finance and IRS information for your own protection, you should avoid the brain damage of spending hours and hours trying to put together a deal with SalesVu.

  2. Matti Mäkelä says

    Mitenkä paljo sinul kuluu aikaa blogitekstin kirjotuksessa?
    Itse olen siin tosi hidas mut kaipa senkin pikku hiljaa saa nopeammaksi.

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