Review: S2end – The private messenger – Send Secure & protected messages, texts!

Want to be able to send out private and encrypted messages right from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad? Well now you can with the FREE application called S2end – The private messenger – Send Secure & protected messages, texts!

S2end is a secure messaging application that takes advantage of AES-128bit encryption to deliver you messages in a secure way. The recipient will also be able to take advantage of this high level of encryption and will be able to decrypt the message you the password you set up.

You even have the ability to set up multiple ways to protect the message including: password protection, location protection, drawing protection, and an expiration date.

Password protection is exactly what it sounds like. You set a password and the recipient must know the password to open the message. Location protection can be set by GPS, where you can only open the message when you are at a certain location ex. New York. Drawing protection is similar to the Android lockscreen where the recipient must draw the same pattern that you set to decrypt the message. Lastly there is an expiration date you can set. If the recipient does not read the message in x number of days, the message will automatically be deleted.

S2end is an application that anyone can take advantage of. The messages can be decrypted and red from any browser and can be sent to any email address. If the have a S2end account, the email box will turn green and you will not have to put a password in to encrypt the message if you don’t want. If the email box is read, that means they do not have a 2send account and you will have to use some form of encryption to keep the message private.

This application is currently FREE on the Apple App Store and when you set up an account you can send a handful of FREE encrypted messages, but to take full advantage of the application you can purchase in-app purchases for more messages and more storage space, because you can send attachments and even link directly to your Dropbox, CloudApp, and SkyDrive.




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