Review: Rumble News – Free Social Reader of News & Blogs

Rumble News, a FREE social reader of news & blogs is an awesome app for reading all your favorite stuff in one place. No longer will you have to switch to multiple website. You can browse all of your favorite sources with just one very well designed application.

Rumble News is the first news tool that lets the users cherry-pick specific sections of interest from each publisher into one slick reading environment. Everyone has their preferred blogs & websites for daily news consumption. Statistics show the average American reads 4-5 different news sources each day, some as many as 10. Daily News is a habit and Rumble News makes the addiction easy.

The application also integrates socially. Each member can create and share their own Rumble Channels. Rumble Channels is a community where members can choose to follow the reading habits of other fellow Rumble users. That means that whenever a member reads a news or blog item, he can post and share it over his own Rumble channel, making it instantly visible to his friends and followers. Each member is ranked by popularity and the news they post is ranked based on that popularity. This feature allows users to easily find the best quality content of news and blogs by the most highly rated contributors and popularity.

As for design, Rumble News gets 4.5 stars. The application is easy to navigate and looks beautiful. There are a few downfalls that I am sure they will work on. First off, it looks like the text has not been updated for the Retina display iPad. This I am sure is an easy fix in a future update. Next, the way stories are laid out makes it hard to read the smaller stories. The larger stories  seem like they should be the most important stories, but that is not always the case. Don’t get me wrong, there may be a few minor flaws with Rumble News, but overall this app makes reading your news very easily and enjoyable.

Rumble News is priced completely wrong. It is FREE!! I am not sure how they are making any money, but this application is easily worth $0.99 if not more. Go grab Rumble News now before they decide to charge for it so you can save yourself a few bucks.

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