Review: RollersWay – Map, Track, Save, & Share you Activities

Want to easily keep track of all your activities? With RollersWay you can. RollersWay is a social network created by skaters for skaters. Although it is geared around skating, you can also use it for basic activities like running and walking.

This application allows you to map out your run, allow you to listen to your custom playlists, see how many calories you have burned distances traveled, and more. Not only that but you can find and share cool locations to skate with the online community. You can connect with skaters from all over the world.

RollersWay allows you to create an account with your email or you can sign in with your Facebook account. When you complete your activity or workout, you have the option to write some notes about it. You can then save the activity and post about it to Facebook and Twitter.

Since the app is developed by an English company, it has yet to be updated completely for the US. In the settings when you choose your weight, you only have the option in kg, so unless you know how much you weigh in kg you will have to figure out the conversion. Also the units of measure has the options for Imperial or Metric.

Overall it is a fun and useful app to track your activities. I am sure the developers will continue to update and make it better. Also remember that this is a social network, so the more people that use it the better it will become. If you are a hardcore skater, this app is perfect for you. If your someone who just wants to track your activities, this app is definitely something you should check out. The mapping feature alone is worth the FREE download.

RollersWay is currently FREE and is available on the Apple App Store. Start tracking and sharing your activity today!



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