Review: Rocket Space for iPhone & iPad

Rocket Space, developed by Ola Games, is a simple an addictive game where you try to fly your rocket as high into space while collecting coins and avoiding objects. As you fly higher and higher, the object is to pick up coins and avoid obstacles like planes and alien spacecrafts by tilting your device.

The way this game becomes addicting is that you want to fly longer than the last time, and there are over a dozen of items to upgrade on your rocket. You can upgrade items such as your main body, fins, rockets, and fuel tank. Each upgrade will make your next flight even easier. Since the game has Game Center achievements and leaderboards you get another incentive to do better and beat your friends. Not only that but you can post your scores to Facebook and Twitter.

Rocket Space is a universal application meaning it will work on both the iPad and iPod Touch / iPhone. Currently Rocket Space is FREE on the Apple AppStore. Grab your copy now and enjoy this addicting game.

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