Review: Ringtones Store

Today we got the chance to test out a new app called Ringtones Store. Ringtones Store was developed by Saudi Gravity Co.and is a FREE app that allows you to make your own ringtones right from your iPhone. Ringtones Store lets you choose music from their included library and turn them into high quality ringtones that you can personalize and modulate within the application. This Free application lets you have full control over the ringtones you create. Just create a clip or sound loop, save it as a .m4r, connect to iTunes and transfer your created ringtones to your ringtones collection.

The overall design of the application is very good. It is simple and not overly done. The graphics look impressive.Ringtones store offers an In-App purchase of 50 custom exclusive ringtones for just .99, but also include some FREE custom ringtones to play around with. The Free tones are actually pretty good and they are a lot of fun to customize even further. The only downfall is that you cannot take your own personal music and turn them into ringtones. Hopefully we will see this feature added soon in an update.

Download Ringtones Store from the App Store for FREE today!

Here is an easy to follow video on how to transfer your created ringtones:

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