Review: Raindrop Rush for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

A friend of mine just introduced me to a very fun game for iOS called Raindrop Rush, developed by, Kimaniere Apps. It is a completely different game than anything out there and is super addicting. The object of the game is to control a raindrop as it is falling down the screen. On your way you will want to pick up power-ups that will help grow your raindrop and increase the speed.

You will have just 30 seconds to travel as far as possible and pick up as many points as possible. Picking up the green power-ups will increase your time and picking up blue power-ups with increase your size, which in turn increase your speed.

On your way down you will want to avoid the bugs. They will slow you down and you will lose points. Throughout the game there is also random lightning strikes that shake the screen and slow you down. During this time you are bound to run into bugs and lose points, so watch out!

The game is controlled by tilting the screen, so its very easy to control and there are no buttons you have to press.

Once your time has run out you will be presented with a screen that shows off your distance, points, and total points. You can share these statistics with friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter. You will also be able to see your lifetime stats and highest scores as well has how you rank via GameCenter.

Overall I would have to say this is an awesome game and very fun to play. The graphics are very well done and the sounds are nicely done as well. You can hear rain in the background, but you have the option to disable it as well.

Raindrop Rush is currently priced at $0.99 and is on the front page of my iPhone and iPad. My wife and I have been competing against each other trying to beat the high scores. Go and check this game out. I highly recommend it!

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