Review: Qoiza

Qoiza is the best way to share, discover and follow all the great products in people’s lives. This application allows you to easily connect with your friends and others from around the world to find interesting products.

When you first open the application you can quickly login with your Facebook account and connect with your Facebook friends. You will get a guided tour of how to use the application. There are 5 main categories. Now, where you can see whats happening right now, Explore, where you can discover products and check out contests. You can search for products by Keyword, Brand and People.

Next up is the main + button. You can add new products, pictures, and stories about your products. After that is the Trending category where you can check the leaderboards and see who’s who on Qoiza.  The more and more you use Qoiza you gain Q points, which bump you up on the leaderboards. You can earn Q points by adding a new product, adding pictures or stories to your product, commenting on products, and following products or getting followers to your products. When you hold the most Q points for a brand winin a 7-day period, you get rewarded with that brand’s gold metal. Currently there is a contest going on where the top 4 scorers get a pair of Siberia V2 headphones every week.

Lastly there is the Me section that is all about you and your products. You will be amazed at some of the cool products that other people have. This could be a potentially bad application for people who like to shop. You will get addicted. Check out Qoiza on the Apple App Store and download it FREE today.

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