Review: PlaceBox: 2011’s Best Travel App

PlaceBox, developed by LinkDotz Inc. was awarded the best travel app (Korean App Store Rewind 2011). PlaceBox allows you to find nearby places based on your GPS location. You have access to restaurants, cafes, nightlife, lodging, public transportation, financial institutions, entrainment, and a handful of other stores.

If your looking for a birthday cake to pick up locally you can just do a quick search or you can quickly browse the bakery category and quickly find a bakery that is close to you. When you click on a place you will see the ability to check in like Foursquare, but it is integrated with Google. The more you check in the more popular the place becomes.You can also quickly call the establishment or get driving directions.

PlaceBox is an all in one application where you can discover and share places with friends, take pictures, write notes, and use it as a travel journal. As you can see PlaceBox is a very helpful app to have if you travel.  It is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share places with others. You can purchase it on the App Store for $0.99.

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