Review: Pic light for iPhone

Pic Light, developed by Make A, is said to be “The most powerful and artistic vintage camera app.” Based on that I would have to agree with them. There are a ton of photo editing apps on the Apple App Store and all of them do pretty much the same things such as pick a filter and adjust it. Pic Light goes into much more detail.

With Pic Light you can really customize your photos to make them look amazing using the built in filters, adjustments, lens flares, and light leaks.

The included filters, Vintage, Modern, Olden, and HDR, are pretty similar to the standard filters you see in all other photo editing apps.

The adjustments include: Bright/Contrast/Saturation, Exposure, Contrast, Gamma, Highlight, Sharpen, and Hue. Again you will see most of these in other photo editing apps, but not always together. Pic Light Also makes it super easy to use them. You just click on the adjustment and use the slider and keep moving it until you are satisfied with the look.

The features that set Pic Light apart from the competitors are the lens flares and light leaks. Pic Light offers Anamorphic Flares, Natural Sunlight, and Subtle. You can also use 20 standard light leaks and 40 premium light leaks to really tweak your photos and make them look gorgeous.

Pic Light is currently priced at $1.99 and is a must have app to check out if you love photo editing.

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