Review: PhotoGridPro for iPhone and iPad

PhotoGridPro, developed by Carnegie Publishing, just released a major update to their photo application and is giving it away for FREE for the next 24 hours. It is Giveaway Thursday! Usually this application costs $1.99 so be sure to grab it today unless you want to spend more money tomorrow.

PhotoGridPro allows you to set up a grid of photos or a collage. This photo editing app allows you to share your created photos on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but you can also save them to your camera roll or email them out.

The previous version of this application was somewhat of a disaster and the developers knew that and released this awesome update to make it 100x better. You get to choose your grid layout and can now customize your photos with effects and stickers. There are a ton of effects to choose from and if your familiar with the Instagram looks you can apply those type of filters. The stickers allow you to add hats, glasses, speech bubbles, and other neat objects. Along with the effects and stickers you have access to all the other handy photo editing tools like crop, enhance, remove redeye, etc.

PhotGridPro can be a bit tricky to use on the iPhone’s small screen when your trying to zoom in and out of pictures, but luckily if you have an iPad you can use it’s larger screen. This application is a universal app so once you pay for it (or get it FREE today!) you can use it on both devices.

Make sure to check it out and grab it today while it is Free!


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