Review: Penguin Wings 2 – FREE TODAY!

Penguin Wings 2 is currently FREE thanks to FreeAppADay. Penguin Wings 2, created by InfiApps Ltd., is a game very similar to the popular Tiny Wings. You control a penguin going up and down slopes trying to avoid the evil vulture. As you progress through the levels you will want to collect coins which can be used to buy items.

You can design your own penguin. You can attach different accessories like hats and flags or use your coins to buy upgrades to make your penguin fly higher, faster, get a stronger coin magnet, or the ability to get more coins. This customization is a nice touch and gives you something to play towards, so keep collecting those coins.

The original Penguin Wings racked in over 2.5 million downloads. Penguin Wings 2 is the latest installment and is a very entertaining game. With over 80 levels you will enjoy playing this game for hours. It is currently FREE so grab it while you can. It is available for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad!

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