Review: PDair iPhone 5 Leather Case

Love the look of your shinny new iPhone 5 and hate the though about putting it in a case? Check out the black leather iPhone 5 case by PDair. It will allow you to keep your naked iPhone 5 free but protect it when you decide to put it in your pocket or purse.

This iPhone 5 leather case is completely handmade from the finest genuine leather and features white stitching to add style. The iPhone 5 fits perfect and you will love the protection that the case will offer while in your pocket or purse. It will help keep dust and debris away from your iPhone 5 and will protect against scratches that you may acquire while have an unprotected iPhone. If you decide you want to attach it to your belt, a belt clip is also included. I am no fashion expert, but I think that belt clip cases are out of style.

Since this is a leather case you will need to condition the leather. The fit will be extremely tight at first, but after a few days the leather will soften up and it will allow you to take out and insert your iPhone into the case with ease. It will however be snug enough that your iPhone will not fall out on accident.

Nobody wants a bulky case for their new super slim iPhone 5. Just protect it with a minimalist design like the black leather iPhone 5 case by PDair.


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