Review: Passaggio for iPhone – Your Personal Voice Coach

Passaggio is a must have tool for any person passionate about singing and anyone else who wants to improve their singing voice. Passaggio is like having a personal voice coach in the palm of your hand.

This great little tool allows you to see a picture of your voice as you are sining. You can instantly tell if your on or off pitch and how loud and soft your voice is. Passaggio allows you to save the last 30 seconds of your singing so you can go back and review your notes and improve your vocal pitch.

This application is a must have for every singer who want to help improve their singing skills from anywhere in the world. I do want to mention that you may want to invest in a better external microphone becuase the built in iPhone microphone is not the greatest. Anyways be sure to check out the video above and grab Passaggio on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99.

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