Review: Otterbox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case

Otterbox sent us over their latest iPhone 4 case called the Reflex Series Case.  It has may desirable features and then a few tiny things that I do not like.  If you are looking for a case that offers good protection and is still stylish, than Otterbox has the case for you.  Check out some of the other Otterbox Reviews that we have done and you will see Otterbox makes high quality products!

The Good:
Well lets start this review off with the good!  First of all this is an Otterbox case so you know you are getting a solid case to protect your iPhone 4. Otterbox has been around since 1998 and has an excellent reputation in the case market. Another big plus is that Otterbox has gone “GREEN” and uses environmentally safe/ biodegradable packaging materials all while keeping the packaging looking good.

As with all Otterbox cases, you get a free screen protector included in the packaging.  Make sure that you use the supplied screen protector because 3rd party protects like those from Zagg may not be fully compatible.

The next feature that I really like is the overall design of the case. The case features 2 pieces of solid plastic with some rubber parts over the impact zones. These rubber areas are like air bags that deploy when making contact. You can see how they work in the video below. Since the entire case is not rubber like a lot of case, the iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case easily slides in and out of pockets without catching. This is a major plus for me as I always have my iPhone 4 in my pocket.
Another cool feature that is part of the design of the case is that there is a raised lip around the face, so if you accidentally drop your iPhone 4 face down it will offer some protection.

The Bad:
Since the case is split into 2 pieces, it allows the iPhone 4 to move slightly back and fourth.  This is a little weird to get use to as you feel like your case is not completely on.  The ability for the iPhone 4 to move around a bit in the case is to allow the protection of a drop to happen.  It offers sort of an airbag for the iPhone 4 so that a direct impact with the ground will be somewhat absorbed.

With this ability for the iPhone 4 to move around comes dust and debris.  It is very easy to get particles stuck inside of the case and with the iPhone 4 moving around inside the case with the debris can cause scratches. I did find lots of dust inside my case just after a weeks worth of use but to my astonishment there were no scratches!

Price always comes up in the bad side of reviews.  The iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case is priced at $44.95, which is definitely a lot more expensive than the FREE cases Apple was giving away to fix their antenna issues.  Then again $44.95 is not that bad when you think about how much a new iPhone 4 will cost you if your cheap case does not hold up.

The Ugly:
The case is not ugly at all. It is actually very smooth and sleek looking. Otterbox offers 4 different color options so you should be able to find something you like.  I personally like to keep it basic with black, but they do offer Pink for those ladies that are looking for a Pink iPhone 4.

In conclusion I have to give the Otterbox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case a score of 8 out of 10. I love the protection that it offers all while maintaining the sexy look that Apple has created. If you are in need of a new case for your iPhone 4 or just want the latest technology in case engineering then head on over to and purchase the iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case

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