Review: Note Anytime – a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone

Note Anytime – a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone, developed by MetaMoJi Corporation, is an Appy Award finalist in the productivity category. Note Anytime gives you the ability to write, draw, sketch, annotate PDFs, and allows you to share and print your notes.

When you first launch the app you will have an opportunity to download some sample notes so that you can see some examples of how you can use this app. Once you get started you can view the user manual, view video tutorials, or just play around by pushing buttons to see what everything does.

When you create a note, there are a ton of sample models to start you off with different layouts and types of paper. If the included ones are not enough for you just jump to the in-app purchases store and you can get a ton more. Not only that but you can also purchase additional useful items such as different types of inks.

The application gives you the ability to sync your notes across different devices. Say you started talking some notes at school on your iPad and on the bus home you your iPhone. Just open it up and instantly make changes. In order to sync notes you will have to register for a FREE account with Digital Cabinet.

Some other cool features include the ability to grab a photo from your photo album or you could instantly snap a picture and draw all over it. There is even an interactive web browser within the app to surf the web. You can also grab a webpage and instantly mark it up with notes.

Even though Apple despises stylus pens, using one can be a tremendous help and can make note taking a lot easier. I recommend getting one along with this app. Note Anytime is currently a FREE download on the Apple App Store. There are more features for free in this little app than most expensive paid apps.  It will allow a lot of functionality for free, but if you really want to customize your experience you will want to check out the in-app purchases as well.

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