Review: MyQDOT Tracker

MyQDOT Tracker, developed by TAGR Tech, is an application that lets you find your car, find fuel prices, show live traffic updates, and other important information while driving.

MyQDOT Tracker is all user generated content. This means everything you see show up on your iPhone screen is relevant and has been spotted by you another users. When you first open the app you will see a satellite view of your position. This application uses your built in GPS signal to track exactly where you are. You can change the map layout to be a standard map, satellite view, or the hybrid view.

On the side you will notice a bunch of icons. These allow you to quickly make a note of something important and send it out to the cloud where other users will see the info. You have an icon for a Parking Inspector or “Meter Maid.” The next icon you will see is a triangle with an exclamation point. This icon allows you to pick a handful of different items to report such as accidents, fire, road blocks, etc.

You can submit traffic cameras to help warn other users, submit happy hour deals for a local restaurant or bar, and show were current garage sales are.  Some of the coolest features are the ability to track where you parked your car based on GPS and the ability to set a parking reminder, so you know when your meter is about to expire. From the parking reminder section you can set an alert that will send you a push notification at any interval before it expires. It will then send you a push notification so you remember to go put  more money in. Lastly you can set a view gas prices, so you can quickly see where gas stations are located and the cost of fuel.

Overall MyQDOT Tracker is a very handy application to have while traveling. There is however one major downfall. If there are no users using the app in you locations you will not get notified with some of the events. It is however very useful to remind you of where you parked and to get the push notifications when your parking meter is about to expire. This app has a lot of potential as soon as more users are using it. Check it out on the Apple App Store it is FREE

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