Review: Musubo’s Mummy Case for the iPhone 5

Musubo just released an iPhone 5 case called the Mummy, which looks exactly like it sounds. It looks simply stunning. The company designs their cases based off of the inspiration of Tokyo street fashion, but this is more Egyptian fashion if you know what I mean. The company sent me a few of their cases to do a review on and the Mummy Case for iPhone 5 was one of them. I will post another review later of one of their other cases so stay tuned.

The Mummy designed for the iPhone 5 features a durable soft-touch TPU case with a premium gloss finish. This case also offers a precise fit with full port access and feels very comfortable in your hands. Having this case on your iPhone 5 gives you the slim feel of the phone without the sharp and slipperiness of the iPhone without a case. The Mummy case easily slips in an out of your pocket and keeps the phone protected from dirt, dust, scratches, and provides a bit of protection from small drops.

There are several color options available, including black, chartreuse, neon magenta, purple and the most popular white. The Mummy comes in Musubo’s new eco-friendly packaging made from 100 percent recyclable materials. One bonus that you should be aware of is that the case comes with a foldable video stand so you can easily watch movies.

The Mummy case is priced at just $29.99 and is available on or directly on Musubo’s website. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone who is interested in this style with and iPhone 5.

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