Review: Memory Core: System Override

Memory Core: System Override, developed by SUM Interactive, is a super fun strategy Simon Says mixed with Tetris puzzle game.

This game is simple yet challenging and has great references for technology geeks. The object of the game is to hack the security system by overriding the Firewall. The system protects itself with color sequences. To defeat it, you must repeat the pattern similar to Simon Says.

There is a twist however, just like Tetris, blocks are added after every move and if a row reaches the top you fail. If you get the pattern wrong you will also take health damage. Run out of health and the game is over. If however you get 4 successful completions, you bypass the Firewall and you will gain access to the next level. Each time you successfully bypass a round you will destroy a random column and collect bonus stars.

The bonus stars can be used to purchase power-ups which are needed to help override the system. The power-ups include: Bombs, Repeaters, and Heals. You must use these wisely. You can earn bonus stars to purchase more or purchase more stars via in-app purchases.

Memory Core: System Override is currently a FREE app on the Apple App Store. It is a very fun game and definitely worth checking out.

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