Review: Mad Dragon for iOS

Mad Dragon, developed by Cycleplay, is an endless running game featuring a fire breathing dragon who can rain down destruction on thieving goblins. Your goal as the mad dragon is to reclaim your treasure that the goblins have stole while you were sleeping. When you wake up you become very mad and start chasing the goblins and collect your coins. You have to beware though because the goblins will put up a fight.

Mad Dragon screen

The game looks very similar to to angry birds but also combines the endless running/flying game like Jetpack. The graphics and sounds are very well done and the controls are very simple to use. Just press on the screen to jump. If you continue to hold down you will start flying higher. You only can fly for a set amount of time before you are back on the ground so you will have to watch your flight meter. While running you will want to avoid bombs and attack goblins to fill up your angry meter. Once your angry meter is full you will gain the ability to breathe fire.

Collect as many coins as you can because you can use them to upgrade and customize your dragon. Your score, which can be shared on GameCenter, will be determined base on the distance you travel and how much destruction you have caused. If you get a really high score that you want to share with friends, you can easily share the picture using Twitter of Facebook.

Since this is an endless game you can never really lose. This makes it very addicting in that you will want to achieve the highest score possible and use your coins to really customize your dragon. If you decide you want more coins sooner, you can purchase them via in-app purchases. Mad Dragon is an excellent game and very fun. The game is available free on all iOS platforms so go check it out today!


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