Review Longcat 3D for iPhone and iPad

Longcat 3D, developed by jaboston, is a fun shooting game based off of Internet memes. Your objective as a cool looking long cat is to blast through everything in your way including some epic bosses.

Throughout your journey you will get to enjoy some very radical music and witness some of the most popular memes from the internet. This game was specifically made for the internet by the internet. When I first saw it reddit came to my mind. This communities loves cats and memes and this game fits right in with that crowd.

Continuing on throughout the game your object is to collect hearts to increase your health and cheeseburgers for points. In the end your goal is to survive the longest and get the most points. You will also be able to pick up a handful of different weapons to make shooting things a lot easier.

With the burgers your collect you can take them to the cat house which lets you equip some very cool items to stylize your longcat. If you find an item that costs more burgers that you have you can enter the burger shop to make an in-app purchase to get those desired items.

If you enjoy cats and memes you will enjoy this game, the music and sound effects are great and the controls are simple and easy to use. Just till your device from side to side to move and press the button to shoot.

Longcat 3D is a FREE application available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and also available for the Android.

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