Review: Kpop Lyrics Plus

The song Gagnam Style by PSY is a catchy Kpop tune, but are you singing the correct lyrics? Probably not if you do not know Korean. Luckily Kpop Lyrics Plus is here to help. Kpop Lyrics Plus, developed by yn’story, allows you to singalong to your favorite kpop songs with English lyrics.

Kpop Lyrics Plus identifies your songs and then displays the lyrics in Korean WITH easy-to-read English letters, side by side, while you listen to the song! Sound out Korean lyrics with ease, and enjoy your favorite music in a whole new way.

the app allows you to read Korean letters in a phonetic way even if you don’t know any Korean at all. Kpop Lyrics Plus lets you save the Romanized lyrics so that you can either send them to friends or family, or even print them out to use later. Not only that, but you can search and translate your favorite kpop lyrics all from this simple to use app. (For those of you who didn’t know, PSY means father in Korean.) The application also has a tips page that teaches you proper pronunciation.

Kpop Lyrics Plus is currently a FREE application in the Apple App Store, but will only be FREE for a few more days. Hurry up and grab it today and sing along with PSY to Gagnam Style like everyone else.

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