Review: KoolrPix Studio for iPad

When you think of photo editing, Photoshop is the term that most people think of. KoolrPix Studio for iPad is a super simple to use photoshop type app for the iPad. You can manipulate your pictures in so many ways. KoolrPix Studio, created by New Vision Technologies Inc., offers a paid version of KoolrPix Studio and a limited FREE version of KoolrPix Studio. Over 200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday. KoolPix studio makes it super easy to make your pictures stand out. You do not have to have any photoshop skill. KoolPix will convince anyone that you’re a Photoshop pro and all you did was spend a few minutes pressing buttons on your iPad.

KoolrPix Studio offers editable preloaded templates, face frames, stamps and stylish borders. Impressive text controls also enable the simple annotation of photos through to advanced gradient and pattern fill treatments with preset options included. Look how easy it is to turn an ordinary family photo into an Easter card to share with friends and family:

The paid version gets EVERYTHING, including access to all new production. KoolrPix Studio has an in house design studio and they state that they will continue to create new content every week. They have been doing this for years…so the ongoing production is guaranteed. Yesterday, for example, They loaded 26 new templates and several new stamps that can be downloaded directly within the app. The developers have also stated that they have a huge backlog archive of new content that they will be publishing over the next several months on a weekly basis. So, when someone buys the $2.99 paid version of the app, they get everything currently available, as well as acces to the pipeline of new content that will be pushed out every week.

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