Review: Kids’ Dental Health for iPad

Kid’s Dental Health is an iPad application that was developed to teach young kids the importance of dental hygiene. Kid’s Dental Health was created by TwoTea Applications. This interactive book offers the ability to read the book out loud to your children or if they already know how to read you can turn the voice over off.

When you start you get the option to choose between 4 characters who help emphasize and teach the basics of oral hygiene such as, brushing, flossing, eating healthy food, and visiting the dentist.

Kids’ Dental Health has very nice graphics and looks like a normal paperback picture book your child would read. It features interactive mini games to keep them entertained and also fun sounds when they click on certain parts of the page. Kids’ Dental Health is priced at $1.99 on the App Store. If your looking for an easy way to teach children about their dental hygiene that be sure to check out this app.

I do want to point out that this app is currently not supported on the New iPad, but the developer will have an update released very soon.

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