Review: It’s me! Peter Pan!

It’s me! Peter Pan! is an interactive children’s book based off of the classic tale of Peter Pan. This amazing ebook by allowing children to be the hero of Neverland by using their face as Peter Pan’s. This is a perfect way to get children excited to read. The graphics are amazing and being able to integrate a person’s face into the story is wonderful.

All of the pages are interactive and the story is read aloud to you, so even beginning readers can follow along. You can even record yourself reading it so your child can replay the story in your voice on demand. They story really comes to life when you begin tapping characters and objects throughout the story to discover special animations and sound effects. Not only that you will also encounter puzzles, painting, and mini-games throughout the story.

It’s me! Peter Pan! is FREE on the Apple App Store but you only get part of the story. In order to get the full story you have to purchase it for $3.99. The FREE version that you get is very entertaining when you customize Peter Pan with your face or your child’s face. They will love reading this tale of Peter Pan and all of the interactions. I hope to see more classic tales released by etribe, the developer of this book. It is truly a wonderful app.


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