Review: iSupr8

iSupr8, developed by MEA Mobile, is an application that turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into an 8mm video camera. iSupr8 takes the video that you shot and adds old school effects and film-burn, which in turn creates that old vintage look.

When you launch the app you will be presented with a tiny viewfinder and interface that is true to an 8mm camera. If you decide the viewfinder is too small you can double tap it to increase the size. You can easily shoot new video in 12FPS, 18FPS, or 24FPS directly from the app. You also can choose the resolution. I would recommend the highest HD 1080p, but your processing time is going to be longer.

Not only can you create your own customized videos, but you can also share and view videos created by other users. You can save your videos directly to your Camera Roll or share them via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. iSupr8 is currently FREE and includes the standard built in filter, however if you want to get really creative with your video you are going to have to spend some money. iSupr8 has a built in store with a ton of unique filters priced at just $0.99. Currently there are 12 different filmstocks available.

It would be nice if you could actually see a video preview of the different fimstocks that are for sale. Currently you just get a picture. Even though they are priced at just $0.99, I would still like to see a video preview before I purchase the filmstock so that I know I am getting the look I want. Each filmstock lets you customize the look even further by adjusting different presets like Scratches, Vignette, and Flicker. You can then save your settings for future use.

iSuper8 was priced at $1.99 and now it is FREE. Go grab it from the Apple App Store and check it out. This is the Instagram of video. You will not be disappointed.


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