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iSSH, designed by Zingersoft, is an SSH client / VNC Console for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. It is a dual binary so that you only have to pay for it once and you can put it on all of your iDevices!

iSSH has been updated to version 4.6, which offers some very nice features. iSSH is the most complete SSH client on the App Store currently. Some of those features include: Support for simultaneous connections, Copy and paste, Server reachability and testing, Tunneled X server, Tunneled VNC client, Configurable keys/macros, and Configurable Terminal colors and text.

If you are looking for an application to easy take control of your server or PC while on the go, then iSSH is just the app for you.  Some of my favorite features of iSSH is the ability to set a password when you first launch the app.  This is added protection that I like to have since iSSH also lets you save multiple connections with login information stored.

Server Reachability and Testing lets you quickly see if you are able to log into your saved client.  If you see a green light next to your connection name you can just press the button and it will instantly log you in without having to type a user name and password.

My cluster engineer really enjoys using this application.  He can easily remotely log into a cluster and check the status of it.  One of his favorite features is the scalable fonts. iSSH gives you the ability to choose from 6 different fonts including: Courier, ProGont, DejaVu, Classic, Anonymous Pro, and Inconsolata.  Not only can you change the fonts but you can also customize the background, foreground, and cursor colors.

iSSH also offers a configurable pie menu which lets you map custom buttons and macros.  I find this very handy and especially like the idea of saving long keystrokes such as a root password. Instead of typing 40+ characters for your password and risk making a mistake, you can just map it to the pie menu. I have also found it handy to program a command that backs up the server with a push of a button. I know I can set up a cron job to do the same thing but I like to have control on when things happen.

Since iSSH holds your connection when you exit the app (up to 10 minutes) you can easily go to a certain webpage to copy a command and then switch back to iSSH and press the paste button.  This saves a ton of time.  I didn’t have a chance to use tunneled X Server or the VNC client, but from the pictures it looks like it will do almost anything you need.  As soon as I have a need to use the services I will update this post with my results.

Some of the upcoming features that will be included in the next updates include:

  • Refinements to the VNC and X server interface
  • RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) support
  • NX X protocol compression
  • SSH, Telnet and VNC connection wizard

If you are looking for an SSH client that lets you manage your computer or server while you are on the go, then iSSH is currently the best application out.  The ability to access it from your iPhone or iPod Touch is great but to have a larger full screen iPad connection is just awesome.  Since the iPad has been released I find myself using my laptop less and less because there really is an App for everything.

iSSH is Available on the Apple App Store for $9.99

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