Review: iPoe – Edgar Allan Poe for iPad

All I can say is WOW. The iPad application called iPoe is simply amazing and makes reading very enjoyable. iPoe, the interactive and illustrated Edgar Allan Poe collection, allows you to rediscover Edgar Allan Poe in a whole new way. Interactive books are getting better and better and iPoe has taken it to the next level. The artwork, graphics, animations, and music allow you to feel as if your in the story. The above trailer does a great job as showing some of that off.

iPoe features 3 short stories, The Oval Portrait, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Masque of the Red Death. iPoe also includes Edgar Allan Poe’s biography, a Sketchbook where you can color in some of the sketches, and features 3 different languages, Spanish, English, and French.

The eerie music and animations fit perfectly into the story. A lot of the pages that you read will be interactive where you will need to move items on the screen or watch a short animated video. This application was very well done. I was a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe when I was young, and iPoe has taken stories mainly for children and made them enjoyably for adults. I hope to see more authors come out with interactive books like this!

iPoe was developed by Play Creatividad, and is available on the iPad App Store for $3.99. If you enjoy Edgar Allan Poe, or reading in general, this is a must buy. You will not be disappointed. Please note that as of writing this, iPoe does not support the new iPad and retina display. They are working on an update and will release it shortly. I will tell you that it is still amazing without the retina graphics.

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