Review: iPad 2 Ultimate SleeveCase By WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs who’s website is makes some of the nicest cases. I especially love their Suede Jacket series. Today I am rewriting my review on the Ultimate SleeveCase as my computer decided to not save and randomly reboot before I had a chance to save. The iPad 2 Ultimate SleeveCase by WaterField Designs is perfect for any person traveling with their iPad or for regular every day use.

The iPad 2 Ultimate SleeveCase has a nylon shell that is said to be nearly indestructible and the inside is lined with WaterField’s Ultrasuede® lining. The Ultrasuede® lining helps clean your iPad screen each and every time you insert and pull out your iPad 2. Perfect for removing all those fingerprints. The inside of the case is also protected by an impact-resistant screen protecting insert.

On the back side of the case is a pocket so that you can hold some accessories like your headphones, usb cables, flash drives, etc. This is the part of the case that I dislike the most. There is no way to secure the items as it is an open pocket.  I would love to see WaterField Designs rework this case and add a zipper or some Velcro to protect and secure your items.  I use the pocket to store a Clear iSpot 4G personal router and have to be very careful as anything in the pocket can easily fall out without you knowing. Hopefully we see this part of the case fixed in their next revision. The Velcro strap on the front seems to be very sturdy and should hold up over time. It also has a nicely stitched WaterField Designs logo.

The iPad 2 Ultimare SleeveCase can be purchased at starting out at $55. You have 3 choices to start with and many options which will increase your price. First you need to decide if you want the case custom fitted for the original iPad, iPad 2, or the iPad 2 with Apple’s Smart Cover. Personally I do not like Apple’s Smart Cover. It does not offer any protection to the back of the iPad 2, and if you are going to use the Ultimate SleeveCase, why would you want 2 cases?

Next you will need to decide if you want to have a horizontal or vertical design. Again, personally I think the horizontal design looks nicer. From there you have 2 trim styles to choose from. You can choose the lead indium or for $5 more get the brown leather.  I really like the brown leather because it reminds me of when I was younger and had a JanSport backpack that matches this perfectly. Also I just think the leather looks nicer and it is only $5 more.

There are a few other options that you can add on to the case such as shoulder straps and pouches. If you want an all out bag you can add a shoulder strap and have a nice looking messenger bag for your iPad.  You can also attach a pouch to store some of your bigger items. Here is a great video recap showing off all of the features and options you can purchase:

Overall The iPad 2 Ultimate SleeveCase is an excellent buy. Configured nicely for around $60; it is a great looking case that can be used everyday and perfect for travel since it is TSA friendly.  WaterField Designs has excellent customer service so if you have any issues you can always expect to be treated well.  You wont be disappointed with the iPad 2 Ultimate SleeveCase except for the rear pocket. Currently I would rate the case 8 out of 10. If they add some Velcro or a zipper to the pocket I would give it a 9.5.

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