Review: iKit: NuCharge (iPhone 5)

iKit has designed The first iPhone 5 case to offer an interchangeable 1900 mAh battery pack and fashionable case covers in a single, slim design. They call it the NuCharge and they need your help to get the project started. It is currently on Kickstarter and they have already reached their goal of $15,000.00. Currently there is 12 days left to get in on the Kickstarter bonus where you can get the NuCharge for just $59. This is a $20 savings as the NuCharge will retail for $79.00.

I was lucky enough to get a pre-production model of the NuCharge iPhone 5 case, and I can tell you this is the best case I have ever seen and used for the iPhone that has a built-in battery. Most of the battery cases for the iPhone that have a built-in battery you have to leave the bulk on even when you do not need the extra power. NuCharge features an interchangeable battery pack that can quickly be snapped out at anytime.

If you are on your iPhone all day long and do not have access to a charger, the NuCharge is perfect for you. You can purchase additional battery packs and instantly swap them out, or you can just use the included battery and charge it at your convenience.

Like other iPhone battery cases the NuCharge also has LED indicators on the side showing you how much extra battery you have available. However unlike other iPhone battery cases, NuCharge allows you to remove the battery and replace it with a ton of different covers.

The NuCharge comes with a clear or tinted base case, white or black battery pack, a micro USB charger, & Pantone-colored case covers in either aluminum or leather finishes. You get one included in the package but you can purchase extra aluminum or leather covers to quickly change up the style. Also in the final product they will include a microfiber cloth, however, it was not included in the pre-production model that I reviewed.

NuCharge does not obstruct access to the microphone or speaker. It will also not hinder the camera flash like some cases will. The Lightning port is also unobstructed and the rechargeable battery has a very sturdy Lightning cable attached that is actually one of the first to be Authorized by Apple!

There were just a few issues that I had with the NuCharge, but talking to the developers it seems like most of the concerns have been fixed for the final production. For example, the Kickstand is plastic on the pre-production model, but they have decided to upgrade that to a super strong aluminum kickstand. I also had an issues with the Ghost Armor clear protection that I was using. The case fit was super tight to save space and keep it slim but that cause my protective shield to peel on the sides. It is not a big deal because the NuCharge protects your sides from scratches.

Overall NuCharge is an excellent buy for anyone needing some extra battery power. It is slim, lightweight, and is designed to fit easily into pockets. The Kickstarter campaign ends in 12 days, so if you are interested in getting one of the first models and save some money on the same time, head over to their Kickstarter page and purchase one. They are expected to ship in early April.

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