Review: iDrate – Hydration monitor, water log, drink alarm

iDrate – Hydration monitor, water log, drink alarm link , is an application developed by Locassa Ltd. iDrate is a simple gesture based hydration log and alarm. Most people are not drinking enough water everyday and it can lead to dehydration which in turn can cause a bunch of problems including stress and headaches. Staying hydrated helps improve your overall health, keeps you looking younger, and aids your natural digestion.

iDrate is a simple application that will help remind you to drink water throughout the day. You even get a push notification stating “You are due to have some water!” The visuals are amazing and the gestures to navigate are very well done. Simply hold down on the screen and move up or down and the cup with fill with water and even change to large bottles as you move up. On the main screen you have tons of visual cues to easily see how much your have drank towards your daily goal as well as how you have done throughout the week. As you drink more water your rewarded with bronze silver and gold medals per day. Obviously you want to try and get all golds.

iDrate is a very well designed application and is a great little app that helps you stay healthy by making sure your drinking the proper amount of water each day. It is a FREE app on the Apple App Store, so go and check it out!




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