Review: iColorama for iPad – The Best Photoshop for iPad!

Ok guys I just got iColorama for iPad and let me tell you this is an AMAZING piece of software. iColorama is one of the best photo editors I have seen for the iPad.

iColorama is that last step for all of the photos you take. Just take a picture, open iColorama, enhance colors, and apply many filters and image settings until you are satisfied and then SAVE & SEND.

iColorama offers a ton of effects and almost all of them have individual presets to quickly adjust your image. You can also fine tune the effect with a swipe of your finger and choosing the brush you want to use. The included effects include:

Enhance, Pastel, MatchColor, Bleach, B&W, BW&Color, Duotone, Tritone


Blend, Vignette, Noise, Light, Blur, Denoise, Sharpen, Multi, Gradient

Sketch, Simplify, Painterly, Edges, Flated, Halftone, Pixels, Hatches, Engraves

High, ToneLab, Vibrance, Saturate, Exposure, Channels, HDR

Warp, Flip, Straight, Deforms, Glass, Waves, Escher, Tiles

If there was one thing that I wish they could add or change would to have  a user guide or introduction video showing you how to use all of the features. Even though that app is very easy to use, some people may get overwhelmed with all of the options available and what they do. The best method to use would be just trial and error. Keep clicking on things until you achieve the right look.

Once  you have the desired look of your picture you can save it back to your camera roll or post it on some of the popular social media sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. You can also e-mail or MMS your friends and family as well.

iColorama is currently priced at $1.99 and is a steal at that price. This app should easily cost $4.99 or $9.99. If you are looking for the iPhone version they have that priced at $1.99 as well, and they even offer a free trial version. You should grab a copy now at this low price before the developer decides to raise it up.

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