Review: GuessMate – The Best Social Image Guessing Game

GuessMate, developed by Revel Mob, is a social image guessing game. You can play by yourself or with friends, family, or even random people. The object of the game is to guess the image by only viewing a small fraction of the image.

This application is a universal application, which means it works on all of your iOS devices, including the iPad. GuessMate allows you to quickly create an account by logging in with your Facebook account. From there you can easily start a game with friends or start a single player game and try to guess the pictures for each level.

As you play you will earn points to help remove letters or open up tiles to help you progress. If your looking for more points you can check out the GuessMate store.

GuessMate also has an in-app purchase store where you can purchase more points, open cells, remove letters, and remove advertisements. Some of the best upgrades you can purchase are collections. You can purchase celebrities, politicians, flags, dogs, and more.

GuessMate is currently FREE on the Apple App Store and is a very fun and challenging game. Check it out today and start guessing and sharing awesome pictures with everyone, all while having fun and getting smarter.

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