Review: Guess The City for iPhone & iPad

Guess The City, developed by Nguyen Quang Sang, is a universal application for iOS. The game is simple Try and guess the city based on the picture. The faster you guess the correct answer the more points you collect.

Guess The City is actually a very fun and challenging game. It can be very tricky at times, but luckily you can win hints and even purchase hints via the in-app purchase store. You can also remove the annoying ads at the bottom by paying to remove the ads.

Guess The City has 6 different levels with about 30 pictures to guess on each level displaying over 200 beautiful pictures from all around the world.

The game has Facebook, Twitter, and GameCenter built in so you can track and share you scores with friends. I really like that when you are guessing you get clues right away to see if you are right or wrong. If you get it right you will get  a green check and move on to the next one. If you get it wrong you will see a red X. If you happen to spell the city wrong you will not pass but it will let you know that you are close and display an orange mark.

The only issues I have with this game is that it is pretty hard unless you know you cities. Luckily you can get hints though. Also the background music is sorta annoying but you can easily turn that off in the settings and listed to you own music.

Guess The City is a FREE application so check it out on the Apple App Store today and test you knowledge!



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