Review: Gift Shopping Guru for iPad

Gift Shopping Guru is an iPad application that helps you get that perfect gift. It provides gift ideas based on the age and personality of the individual. They have over 15,000 gift ideas and make shopping a breeze. Some people are impossible to shop for because they have everything and buy everything they want. It is nice to find fresh new ideas and Gift Shopping Guru does just that.

When you first open up the app you are presented with the screen above. From there you can narrow down your gift choices. Choose the gender, age, price range you want to spend, and other personality traits. Gift Shopping Guru does the rest and presents a nice layout of gift ideas as pictured below.

When you click on a gift idea you will exit the application and are redirected to a website to purchase the gift. Gift Shopping Guru is FREE on the App Store. Go check it out today and make your gift shopping very easy.


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