Review: Fishing Deluxe for iPhone and iPad

Today we got the chance to check out the app Fishing Deluxe. Fishing deluxe was created by Lifeware Solutions and is the perfect companion application for anyone who loves to fish. Fishing Deluxe works on all current iOS devices including the iPad. I am not sure how many people bring their iPads fishing, but if you do, Fishing Deluxe has high res image support for the iPad too. Fishing Deluxe is only $0.99 but if you want to test some of the features out before you buy there is also a free version. The free version is missing some key features, so I encourage you to purchase the full version while it is on sale.

Fishing Deluxe offers so many features so that you can catch the most fish and decide the best possible days and times to fish depending on your current location. The best fishing times are determined based on information from the Moon and Sun. Your location is automatically calculated based on GPS and the application provides current weather information as well as sunrise and sunset times.

The coolest feature is the ability to tag the fish you catch. You can take a picture and write notes about the fish you catch. The app will keep track of the fish and plot the information on a map so that you can come back later and see where you caught the fish and at what time. You can also send the picture of your fish via email or Twitter.  Next time your about to go on a fishing trip be sure to check out Fishing Deluxe so that you can plan the perfect fishing trip.

I believe Fishing Deluxe was initially priced at $4.99, but currently it is on sale for just $0.99. If your into fishing, Fishing Deluxe is a must have application.

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