Review: Dungeon Wagon 3D for iOS

Dungeon Wagon 3D, developed by Game Scorpion Inc., is a FREE puzzle/maze game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Your object is to complete the maze before the time runs out and collect gears on your way.

This is a very simple and easy to play game. It features over 25 levels of fun puzzle like mazes. To control the magical wagon you just slide your finger to the direction you want to travel. You can slide either Up, Down, Left, or Right. The controls are fairly easy to use but I did notice that they were a bit difficult at times. Sometimes it would not recognize which direction I actually wanted to go. This could be a bug on the iPhone 5 though. I notice that the app has not been updated to take advantage of the iPhone 5 and I am sure the developers are working on that and will release an update soon.

With the gears that you collect you use them to unlock other levels and worlds. If for some reason you do not have enough gears to unlock the next level you can either replay the level or purchase more gears via in-app purchases.

Overall I would have to say the 3D graphics are pretty good. They just need to be updated for the iPhone 5. The music is very well done and not distracting at all. You can purchase Dungeon Wagon 3D on the Apple App Store for the very low price of FREE. It is ad supported and and some times can be a bit annoying. Since the game is free the developers need to get paid. If you are into maze games the Dungeon Wagon 3D is an app you should check out.

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