Review: Dream Run for iPhone

Dream Run, developed by Burnin Ape, is a game similar to Temple Run and other running games. Your goal as a young snail is to collect coins, avoid obstacle, and reach the furthest distance possible.

The snail you control is named Gary and he dreams of a golden shell, so it is your job to help him out. This game has great graphics and is pretty challenging. Challenging games an make some people upset but others love it and play longer. I love these types of games because I want to beat my scores and love that you need to collect coins to upgrade and make progressing through the game easier.

With the coins or gold shells, you earn you can upgrade your skills. Such items you can upgrade include the ability to jump higher,run through obstacles with no harm,upgrade your gun,wings, and a slingshot. If you have a lot of gold shells you can even upgrade your character.

You also have the option for some in-app purchases that include the ability to remove ads and to purchase coins. Currently Dream Run is a FREE download on the App Store and is worth checking out to kill some time.



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