Review: DesignYourBody Health and Fitness App for iPhone

DesignYourBody is the ultimate fitness companion.

When you first open the app you will be asked to create an account. You can quickly sign in with Facebook or Twitter. After you sign up you will need to fill out some information like your height, weight, and age. Then choose your workout plan, either fitness or Pilates.

DesignYourBody will offer you a custom program that they recommend you follow. You can continue their recommended program or you can create your own custom program with categories like workout, Pilates, and stretch. Once you choose your program, you will want to take some pictures so you can showoff your before and after pictures to friends and family. There is also an area to set an ideal picture so whenever you open the app you can see that picture and strive to get to that look.

I started off with the normal program and it gave me a weekly overview of what my workouts were going to be. Once you begin a certain workout you a presented with a picture and video of the exercise to help make sure you are doing it right. These videos are tremendous help and they have over 300 of them.

For each exercise you can set how many reps you did and at what weight and it will track you statistics and show your record with an amazing bar graph. If you are serious about getting in shape this is a handy app to have on your iPhone or iPod Touch that you can quickly and easily use while at the gym.


I do want to point out that there are some notifications that pop up that are not in English. I am sure the developers just missed a few things when converting this app and will have them completely resolved in the next update.

DesignYourBody is available on the Apple App Store for just $1.99, a small price to pay to get in the best shape of your life. Check it out today!

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