Review: Deluxe Moon HD Pro iPad app

Deluxe Moon HD Pro is an iPad application developed by Lifeware Solutions, that provides very detailed moon information and shows a detailed overview of what the current and upcoming moon phases are. With that information Deluxe Moon HD Pro can help you plan and predict certain events. It also shows specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase.

Deluxe Moon HD Pro use GPS technology to determine where you are in the world so that you can get accurate moon phases and information. Since this is an iPad application and the majority of iPad users do not have a 3G model with built in GPS, you will not get exact information unless you manually change your location settings. You can simply tap on Options and then choose Set position manually and select your coordinates or country.

Deluxe Moon HD Pro offers so much information that may be over most people’s head, but the people who know how to take advantage of the information will be in love.  You can figure out sunrise and sunset as well as moonrise and moonset. If your interested in knowing when the next solar eclipse will be this app will tell you, as well as when the next full moon will be. Some other cool features include moon horoscope with aspects for health, business and personal life. The graphics are amazing and everything flows very well. You can even turn on a night mode which changes the app display to a red color so you can see a lot better if your using the app in the dark. The only downfall of the app is that it can lag at times if your switching between things really fast. This is not a big deal and will most likely be fixed in the next update. So if your into learning more about the moon phases be sure to check on this app.

Deluxe Moon HD Pro was awarded “New & Noteworthy” by Apple and also won the “App Rewind 2011” award. It is priced at $4.99 and you can buy it on the App Store today!

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