Review: Deep Sleep Lite: a cure for insomnia and a relaxation for yoga

Deep Sleep Lite: a cure for insomnia and a relaxation for yoga, is a FREE application to help you sleep. By using soothing sounds you can easily relax and fall asleep. This application can also be useful as background music for your yoga workouts. The sounds produced with this application are intended to lead you to a deep sleep and it has a built in alarm clock that you can set so you wake up on time.

When you start your session you can just hit play and you will hear a set mix for 15 minutes. If you decide you want to tweak it there is a built in mixer that allows you to choose how much of each tone you wan to to hear.

The Lite version is just a limited version of this application. To access a large variety of music, nature, voices, and select a duration between 5 and 60 minutes, you will want to purchase the full version. The Lite version will only play for 15 minutes.

Not only will the full version unlock more features, there are also a ton of in-app purchases. You can buy new music, naturals, binaurals, and voices.

Deep Sleep Lite is the FREE version of Deep Sleep, which costs $9.99. You will want to upgrade to the paid version if you want all of the features the app has to offer. The lite version will just give you a short preview of what you can expect. Download the FREE version on the App Store today to see if it helps you relax and sleep easier.


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